The Rubis asynchronous Web Service

Raymond Bisdorff

Computer Sciences and Communication Research Unit
Faculty of Sciences, Technology and Communication
University of Luxembourg

This Manual ( Revision: 1.6 ) describes the Rubis Web Service for computing best choice recommendations from bipolar-valued outranking digraphs. This computing resource is useful in the context of the testing of the Rubis decision support method [1].

Developing the Rubis decision support methodology is an ongoing research project of Raymond Bisdorff, University of Luxembourg.

The Rubis Web Service is based on the digraphs Python module (see ) that requires at least version 2.4.0 of Python.

The basic idea of the Rubis Web Service is to distribute the Rubis progressive best choice decision method mainly to web services aware Decision-Deck clients (see the official Decision-Deck web site).

Raymond Bisdorff, June 2, 2008