AGM Thursday 17th March 2016

APUL – The Association of Professors of the University of Luxembourg

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting 2016

Tuesday, 17th March 2016, room Feidert CK

Present: R. Bisdorff, M. Cole, A. Fickers, W. Haslehner, M. Hesse, S. Kmec, L. Ratti, J. Schiltz, J.-M. Schlenker, J. Van der Walt
Excused: K. Andersen, Chr. Baltes, R. Baustert, I. Behrmann, P. Bouvry, J.L. Bueb, J.B. Coron, I. De Saint-Georges, M. Esposito, O. Francis, J. Gerkrath, N. Guelfi,  J. Goncalves, M. Happold, Fr. Hofmann, P. Kelsen, J. Kohns, B. Majerus, S. Mauw, A. Michels, N. Navet, B. Nienaber, Y. Nourdin, M. Pauly, P. Picard, P. Plapper, Ph. Poirier, J. J. W. Powell, P. Ryan, Th. Sauter, I. Schandeler, T. Schilling, M. Schlichenmaier, Th. Schmidt,  Chr. Schommer, Chr. Schulz, J. Ch. Schwamborn, S. Siebentritt, G. Steffgen, A. Thalmaier, F. N. Teferlé, N. Toussing,  G. Tripathi,  M. Uhrmacher, St. Van Baars, J. Van Bommel, L. Van der Torre, F. Viti, E. Weydert, G. Wiese,  L. Wirtz, Chr. Wolff,
Membership statistics 17th March 2016: 43 Professors, 15 Associate-Professors, 3 Senior Lecturers, 2 Other. FSTC 34, FLSHASE 17, FDEF 12.

The meeting starts at: 17h10


1) Reporting the past APUL activities

  • April 2015
    28th, Annual General Meeting 2015 (see minutes)
  • June 2015
    16th, Meeting of RB with R. Klump and L. Heuschling
    on the UL proposal for the Luxembourg Constitution Revision
    18th, Committee meeting (co-opting M. Pauly as expert of UL Law revision)
  • July 2015
    28th, Committee meeting with A. Funk concerning APUL list of concerns
  • December 2015
    4th, Committee meeting with R. Klump mainly on academic concerns
  • January 2016
    21th, Committee meeting with A. Funk concerning APUL list of concerns
  • March 2016
    17th, Annual General Meeting 2016

A long discussion concerning opportune future activities of the APUL is triggered by the report.

2) Formal submission of nominations for the APUL executive offices

  • Chair: Andreas Fickers (proposer: M. Cole, seconder: R. Bisdorff)
  • Vice-chair FSTC: Tanja Schilling (proposer: R. Bisdorff, seconder: W. Haslehner)
  • Vice-chair FDEF: Werner Haslehner (proposer: L. Ratti, seconder: J. Schiltz)
  • Vice-chair: FLSHASE: Markus Hesse (proposer: S. Kmec, seconder: A. Fickers)
  • Secretary: Raymond Bisdorff (proposer: M. Cole,  seconder: J. Van der Walt)
  • Treasurer: Jang Schiltz (proposer: A. Fickers, seconder: J. Van der Walt)

3) Presentation of the nominated candidates

Each present nominee in turn shortly presented himself.

4) Electing the next APUL executive officers

  • M. Cole’s motion to make, as there is a unique nominee for each office, a non confidential bulk election, finds unanimous support.
  • The nominees are elected unanimously by the assembly.

5) Next initiatives

Following the activity report of the past year(see agenda item 1), it is decided to mainly concentrate the coming year’s activities on promoting APUL views on academic autonomy and traditions towards local public decision and law makers in Luxembourg.

The AGM ends at: 18h30
Minutes prepared by APUL secretary